Drum Ceremony Information

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In order to reserve your hide through the payment plan option you must send an email to namastemadre@gmail.com with the size and hide type you desire ,  the offering you are attending and a minimum non refundable deposit of 100.00. Deposit and remaining payments can be made by  clicking the button below. All drums must be paid in full by date of offering. If you have any questions please email namastemadre@gmail.com or call 530.448.7190 .

Due to the process of attaining hides from a sacred reservation that is third party we are unable to refund any payments made. All sales are final. No refunds.

Preparation is involved with the process of the hides prior to offering. There is no refund if you have placed a drum order and are unable to attend the offering. Thank you. 

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 We offer this magical ancestral drum making workshop as a way to connect with the skills that our ancestors used thousands of years ago along with being in nature, connecting to earth energy and weaving intentions into our creations. Drum making is available in many cultures all over the world and offers a divine unity to self and spirit.

The drum offers vibrational connection and clearing that takes place between the physical and spiritual world. Drum medicine is very potent in creating deep healing and removing energetic blockages in the body. The importance of intention while creating a drum is immense as you weave your energy and intention into the hide of these sacred animals to merge into an instrument of Spirit.
Drum medicine creates music to the soul along with unity and community among tribes all over the world. You cannot help but move your body to the beat of the drum. This is because of the movement of energy that takes place when the body connects to the drum. Drum allows the power of vibrational healing and is known to take individuals into deep states of enjoyment and awakening


We offer Buffalo, Moose, Elk, or Deer. These animals are sourced through a reservation located in Washington that blesses and uses all of the animal for different  resources.  We will bless and hold ceremony for our drums upon closing our creative time together while we speak to the potent medicine and wisdom of the drum.
We look forward to sharing this sacred time and space with you.
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There are differences in the sound of every drum. Each drum is unique to itself and has its own spirit that it breathes through the rhythms that are shared into it. You will get to know your drum over time. It is important to create a relationship with your drum and share it's medicine with others. This will bring your drum to life!

We want to offer that each drum is specific to the energy and intention placed into it and what your drum becomes and offers you is directly related to the reflection of your vibration and spirit.

What hide is calling to you?



Buffalo  has a very deep pitch, very grounding, and is the heaviest and thickest skin. Buffalo is connected to Divine Masculine energy.  Support, Strength, Physical Healing and Courage. 

Moose is a deep pitch as well. Moose is associated with the Divine Feminine. The Goddess energy. It is associated with element of water and emotions. 

Both hides are grounding and bring you into a connection with earth energy & ancestor energy on profound levels. The powerful vibrations through these skins will break up and clear energy blockages associated with the 1st 2nd and 3rd chakras and call in deep Shamanic Healing. Both hides are a blessing for either gender to own.



 Elk – is a medium to high pitch, longer vibration, higher energy. It is a favorite and one of the most popular hides to work with. It is a heart center and throat chakra pitch and energy. Perfect for clearing out the heart space and sharing the love of its tender vibration while in ceremony 



 Deer - offers the highest pitch, it is very light and perfect for angel connection it is simple and has a clean resonance, it is a great connection to the higher chakras the third eye, intuition and crown chakra as well as etheric realm.   



Due to the pre-registration and pre-ordering of the hides, rings, tom tom, and shipping cost for the NAMASTEMADRE - DRUM MAKING CEREMONY we are unable to process refunds. It is important that you are able to join the ceremony that you have registered for. If you are unable to make it to the ceremony, the hide will be made into a drum and made available for purchase as a finished drum and tom tom set. The purchase price of the finished drum will include additional charges to the original registrants price paid if they still desire the drum. Additional charges will include $100.00 for the craftsmanship, labor and divine intention put into this sacred animal drum medicine creation as well as shipping and handling cost per specific drum. The drum will become available for public sale after 7 days if not purchased by original registrant. Thank you for your conscious purchase, honoring this sacred offering and your understanding.