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Enlightened Youth Project.

Our future is literally in the hands of today’s youth. Why not give them tools to help them blossom along their path to the future. This is our dharma, our purpose for NAMASTEMADRE putting forth this contribution based youth program the Enlightened Youth Project. 

The Enlightened Youth Project was founded under the principals that we offer a higher self, learning program. We seek to foster an environment that offers a space for understanding our mind, body, and spirit. The core of all beings is “Spirit”. Spirit, the fire of life that is within all humans, plants, animals, everything that you see in this wide-open world has a spirit.  It is part of every single human being on earth regardless of color, social status, spirituality, religion or culture. We are all connected by the same flame of divinity, the diverse flame of divinity.

In today’s environment it can be easy for us to ignore one’s spiritual health. We are not guided by the belief that ignoring our spiritual health is the same as ignoring our physical or mental health. The primary concepts for alternative health practices are disease is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental factors, programming and judgement. While wellness is balance of our divine selves, and connectivity, not only to our most divine self, also in the understanding that we are all one. There is no I, without We. Positive spiritual health along with mind and body health are the three basic building blocks of a balanced human being.

Those three basic building blocks are the foundation to our growth as healthy, happy, thriving human beings. Spirit being your spiritual self the glow of life, your energy body, your relationship with a higher power, your connection to the world/others and world view. Mind meaning your mental and emotional health, your feeling, imagination, problem solving, how you relate to others, and your responses to everyday life. Body referes to of course your physical body. This also includes your genetic make-up, sexuality, your physical manifestation of emotion, physical sensations, physical activities and your relationship with diet and nutrition. The Enlightened Youth Project offer tools and practices to release energy attached to feeling hurt, guilt, anger or pain. Which is necessary for positive mental, emotional and physical health. 

We offer simple tools for creating optimal health in your divine self, such as forgiveness. But, what does “forgiving” mean? Forgiving means to take back your personal power from everyone from your past and present. Forgiving means to accept and learn from every situation, even the ones that feel like “failure”. It does not mean forgetting. If you forget, how could you remember to do it differently next time? This is how we turn a “loss” into a learn. When we learn from a situation that we label as not having a positive outcome. We start to positively affect our mind, body, and spirit. This effect offers the opportunity to change and grow to become a better person. This in turn ripples out to those around you and invites them to rise into their highest selves. You begin to radiate a positive self-image, and this is contagious. Acceptance is another essential tool for being a balanced being with a healthy mind, body and spirit. We are not perfect, and that is the way we are supposed to be. We must find that we are perfectly imperfect in all your perfection! Accepting and find understanding from this point, provides a clearer picture of our situation and provides us with honest answers to our interests. However, we always continue seeking out ways to expand and grow all aspects of our mind, body and spirit. This is our responsibility, to be disciplined in our growth. Responsibility means that each person is responsible for their choices, actions, and thoughts. Taking on responsibility for yourself and making healthy proactive choices is another part of being healthy in mind, body and spirit. And, we can never forget the most important and most basic practice of all, LOVE. There are many different levels or forms of love. Love can be Divine love, familial love, romantic love, love for self, and acting in a loving way. All are of the same feelings, come from the same place in our divine selves and are independently different and still just as important to a healthy happy and thriving self.

Enlightened Youth Project is powerful medicine for the mind, body, and spirit of todays youth.  We are on a quest for spiritual health through, Responsibility for self and actions. Including our inner thoughts and emotions. Reflecting the value of life is more than money and power. Dropping off the judgment between positive behaviors and actions versus negative ones and living from our most divine self. Fostering the courage to stand up for nature, community, family, and self in a positive way. Acknowledgement of a higher power then one’s self and acknowledgement that those same innate wisdom and tools are in all of us. Balancing our energetic flow with the natural flow of life, listening to creator, ancestors, nature, and your most divine inner voice. Being in service to those in need. Continual observation, reevaluation, education, and learning in our commitment to never stop growing. And always speak from the heart, move from our mind to our divine. 

Enlightened Youth Project is a way to connect with a unique spiritual offering to achieve spiritual health.


“may the divine in you, be victorious"

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Enlightening youth today, 

Empowering their tomorrow!  

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