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RISING SONS - MENS WELLNESS SOCIETY. Community, Deep breathing, energetic practices, meditation.

Creating healing is within us.


Rising Sons - Mens Wellness Society explores deeper self through honoring our divinity. This offering is a held space for men to come and get away from all the noise and distraction of the exterior and to drop in, set it down and open up to exploration of self.  We are here to thrive and by allowing ourselves to learn and apply practices to unravel the programming and judgement that we all have experienced. We create balance that reflects in our through our highest self. We invite you to join us and move from your mind to your divine. Your inner voice is calling for you to listen. This innate wisdom that we all have within us is waiting to be shared. Many times we are too busy to here it. This space is being held with open discussion on many topics that reflect a healthy and thriving mind, body, and soul. We find grounding and deeper understanding of ourselves, and others through deep breath work, meditation techniques, Shamanic activations, sound healing and ancient practices. In this community we honor our own feelings and emotions and work from our highest intentions to reveal, understand, reconcile and release our highest self. 


"may the divine in you, be victorious"

Blessings, mens offering

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