Feel the Power of Circle.

You just have to come and experience it to feel the transformative power of circle. Maria will lead you on a transformative journey back to your most divine self. Through a series of different practices such as guided meditation, sister circle, Shamanic activations, ancient practices, energy healing, drum medicine, breath work, and positive intention setting you will release energy that is not serving you on your path to divine self. Reawakening it, reconnecting it and deepening your understanding of self. The word goddess is empowering. Saying the  word goddess your self begins to invoke your divine flame inside. This flame that aligns you to your higher power as an extension of source. We are honored to hold space for you as we create circle and share the potent medicine of divine feminine energy. The practice of sitting in circle is ancient in many cultures around the world and has been reawakening in our society more and more. Goddesses we have created a space just for you. A space to receive healing, comfort, expansion and transformative growth through experiences that enhance the mind body and soul. Share this event with other like minded sisters. Invite a Sister, Mother, Friend or join us on your own. We are here to receive you and share this magical moment. No experience necessary. If your heart is calling for replenishment, follow it to us. Your tribe is waiting for you! Feel the power of circle,

NAMASTEMADRE Goddess Cirlces.

Purest Blessings.


"may the divine in you, be victorious"

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words from Your tribe

"I cannot thank you enough. Everything about myself just feels so much lighter today . I choose to stay in every moment today with light , love and gratitude . I am so truly grateful for you and the beautiful gift that you share"

-Nancy Butts  

"Michelle Gregory I cannot even begin to explain what happens in these circles, but I know from deep inside my core it’s changing my life. For that, Maria I owe you all my gratitude! Namaste!"

- Michelle Gregory

"I agree Michelle Gregory, I'm experiencing a level of growth since I joined these circles that I also cannot explain. I'm lighter, happier, more patient and loving with myself, and I feel so much more feminine! Soft, forgiving, willing, kind, ready to serve MY community. Thank you Maria!!"

-Christel Dalke